Yoga Business Success Program

Discover the secrets that will help you develop a rewarding and profitable yoga business.

Through this training, you’ll learn how to keep your yoga business growing in any kind of economy and how to develop the mindset necessary for lasting financial success.

As a yoga teacher, you have chosen a field that allows you to help people. Now you can learn how to build a thriving career in which you get to share yoga with many new clients, while achieving the financial success you deserve.

Although this program is designed specifically for those in the field of yoga teaching, you will also find it extremely helpful if you work in a similar field (i.e. dance teacher, personal trainer, fitness instructor)

Most yoga teacher training programs will help you develop your teaching skills, but never mention a word about how to run a profitable and rewarding yoga business.

After creating multiple successful yoga businesses and learning through trial and error what works and what does not work, I decided to put together all the secrets I’ve learned, so that others can make a good living doing what they love. I know that if it worked for me, it will work for you.

It’s unfortunate that many excellent yoga teachers don’t know how to market their services properly. Instead of a happy and rewarding career teaching yoga, they struggle to make ends meet. You don’t have to do this. This program will teach you how to the essentials of running your own yoga business, how to avoid costly mistakes, as well as creative marketing methods that have the best return on investment.

When I completed my own teacher training many years ago, I had the great opportunity to learn from two different yoga masters who each had nearly forty years of yoga teaching experience. They were both wonderful mentors and had such a vast understanding of the history and philosophy of yoga, as well as extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and the effects of yoga on the mind and body. By the time I had completed my training, I fully understood the benefits of yoga and how to bring those benefits to my students. Unfortunately, I did not understand the business aspects of developing a yoga career. I didn’t understand how to make a living from teaching yoga and, for some time, treated it as some type of volunteer work. I loved teaching yoga, but didn’t see that I would be able to make a prosperous career out of it.

However, after a while I noticed something that really surprised me. I noticed that some of the most experienced and wonderful teachers I met were struggling to make ends meet, while other teachers, who were good teachers, but no better than any other good teacher, had large followings and were making a good living from their yoga teaching. I began to wonder what would cause the difference. On the outside, two teachers could appear quite similar – about the same teaching experience, similar teaching style and comparable knowledge of yoga. So, why did these similar teachers have such different results?

What I learned surprised me. As I began to apply what I learned, my yoga teaching business began to take off. I hadn’t changed my teaching style or my commitment to my students, but I had changed my approach to the business aspects of my yoga teaching and it made all the difference. I am now so happy that I had the chance to learn these ideas and apply them to my business. I now make a good living, doing what I love, and if I can do it, I know you can.